Vatteppam/Vattayappam – Kerala Special for Indian Cooking Challenge

I'm currently on vacation in India at my parents place and having a wonderful time. This trip has been pending for a long time and I'm realizing that three years is really a looong time. Everyone and everything seem so different from what I remember...lot to catch up!!
I'm a little late in posting, been a little busy and a little lazy, but really enjoyed this challenge. Vattayappam is a familiar dish and we make it almost the same way. Love it for breakfast. This recipe for Indian Cooking Challenge is from Shn's Mishmash.

I'm skipping the recipe this time, do visit Mishmash for a detailed description.


  1. The vattayappam looks very soft and moist....Really lovely!

  2. They look perfect.. so soft n elegant

    New to ur space and Happy to follow u

    Do visit me as time permits !

  3. Vattayappam looks so fluffy and yumm. Will surely try this..

  4. Thank you Poornima for visiting my blog. It's been a long time and we've lost touch. The cake looks wonderful and I very tempting.

  5. @Ivy Thank you...both of us have been away from blogging...but there's always FB:)...I do read ur updates and I'm sooo happy ur doing well...Take care!!

  6. Poornima, I am not sure how I missed to leave a comment, but I surely remember reading and drooling over your beautiful Vatteppam..:)

  7. Very Fluffy vatteppam.Looks wonderful!


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