Sweet Corn Soup

When planning my trip to India, I made several lists. Things to take, things to buy, places to visit and so on. One list was all about food, dishes I had to have, some homemade and some from my favorite restaurants. I was able to satisfy all of my cravings, except one. That was the Sweet Corn Chicken Soup from Mainland China. I just love the soup they serve there and the quantity, really satisfies you.
I'm not a big fan of soups, especially the kind in which you puree vegetables, reminds me of baby food and really puts me off. But I love the chinese soups served in Indian restaurants, Hot and Sour, Manchow Soup and Sweet Corn Soup. Very often I make a big pot of soup for dinner, with a lot of vegetables and chicken. A big bowl of that, and you wont need anything else.

Sweet Corn Soup

15 oz can sweet corn, cream style
5 cups vegetable/ chicken stock
1 big carrot, cut into small cubes
1/2 cup green beans, chopped fine
2 stalks spring onions, whites and greens separated
1/2 tsp pepper powder or to taste
salt to taste
3 tbs cornflour, dissolved in some cold water
1 egg, beaten ( optional )
1 rottisserie chicken breast, cut into small cubes                      

Bring the vegetable/ chicken stock to a boil in a big vessel. Add the sweet corn, spring onion whites, carrot, beans, chicken (if using) salt and pepper. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add the dissolved cornflour. Stir for about 30 seconds. Check the seasonings. I don't like to add too much pepper as I like my soup to taste slightly sweet. Beat the egg lightly with a fork, and add it to the soup in a slow drizzle, stirring constantly. Garnish with the spring onion greens and serve hot.


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  2. bookmarking this ...looks yummy.

  3. healthy n colourful soup...my daugh's favourite!!

  4. it is def soup weather ere and although im not a big fan of soups, the sweet corn chicken soup can be squeezed in :)

  5. Super comforting soup,prefect for chilled and rainy days.

  6. This is oneof my favourite soup and this is the first soup i have ever had in my life when i was living in India.

  7. Wow...thats so refreshing soup...I luv anything with corn

  8. Warm and comforting soup...looks scrumptious...

  9. This looks really delicious..I should try this as soon as possible.thanks for the recipe dear..Following your blog straight away..If you have time Check out my blog too..

    I am having a Giveaway..

  10. looks so yum n makes me hungry...love it !!!

  11. I got to try this one, never tried at home!

  12. lovely combo of flavors..can have at any time..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  13. Ah sweet corn soup! It was probably the soup I most ordered at Indian Chinese restaurants. Your soup and presentation look so authentic and perfect.

  14. warm and comforting...jus loooove sweet corn soup...

  15. Warming and Comforting Soup this Winter Season. Wow!,deliciously done and well presented.Classic recipe!.Luv it.


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