Portobello Pizzas

You know how I'm always talking about losing weight and I have this long list of foods I try to avoid or at least reduce in my diet. How strictly I follow that list, is another story altogether, one I just avoid thinking of. I added pizzas to my list as part of my new year resolution, and I'm really proud that I've stuck to it (you'd be too if you knew how crazy I'm about pizzas), except for a couple of slices I had to eat at a friends b'day party, well I just didn't want to upset her on her big day...Isn't that a perfect excuse:)...
Anyways I had been to the farmers market last weekend and there were these amazing portobellos on sale and I immediately thought of a recipe I'd seen on Food Network a while back. I bought four of them and made these pizzas for lunch. I must say I no longer feel sad seeing Pizza on my list, the mushroom base is such a wonderful alternative, adds so much flavor and I don't have to worry about making bread anymore.....

Portobello Pizza
4 Portobello mushrooms (use firm ones, one that has high edges)
1 cup pizza sauce (I used the same sauce I made for meatballs, see here)
Toppings -
2 bell peppers
2 zucchinis
1 boneless skinless chicken breast, boiled n cubed
1/2 cup corn kernels
1/4 cup dry bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated cheese, I used Parmesan
salt n pepper to taste
chilli flakes

Preheat the oven to 400F. Line a baking pan with foil and grease lightly.
Wipe the mushrooms with a wet cloth. Cut off the stem and scrape the gills off with a spoon, taking care not to tear the edges. Sprinkle with some salt, pepper and oil and keep aside.
Cut all the vegetables into small pieces. Stir in the sauce, chicken and corn. Check if the salt is right.
Season the breadcrumbs with some oregano and chilli flakes and mix with the cheese.
Fill the mushroom caps with the prepared filling and top each with the cheese mixture.
Place the mushrooms on the pan and bake for about 25 mins till done. If you want you could brown the top under a broiler for a minute, taking care that the bread crumbs do not burn.
Serve hot.


  1. This is new to me..very different, good one

  2. hi poornima,
    Lol..the diet story is the same everywhere...it's universal I guess! ;)
    btw u've found a nice alternative to regular pizza...and it looks so amazingly yummm.beautiful clicks

  3. I just love mushroom and the idea of baking pizza on the mushroom is a fresh one too...thanks for the post will surely try this

  4. Wow this is really creative.
    Looks beautiful and delcious.

  5. Wow...they look awesome...healthy way of having pizzas too...I too wanted to try this for a long time...now I must make this soon :)

  6. What a fabulous idea to use these hearty mushrooms as the base - makes it low carb and am sure you didn't miss the bread one bit. I love the addition of bread crumbs too...

  7. This is some thing similar to Appam...i love them

  8. Wow what a healthy way to have pizzas without having to compromise for the taste! And as you said neednt spend time for making the dough too. Looks fabulous :)

  9. I cannot stand mushrooms! :( dunno why! But it definitely is a good idea-mushroom as pizza base! And about diet and weight loss sigh don't ask.

  10. That looks so yummm... nice try :)

  11. every time mushroom pizza is my choice. love this recipe looks yummmy.

  12. oh wow we love this.. i too do this with slight variation..looking so good and feel like having right now

  13. No match with the usual high cal. cheesy pizzas,the mushroom pizza is a smart idea.I once saw rachel cook this,never tried it myself though.

  14. awesome looking mini pizzas!! good job!

  15. this looks yum...fantastic idea to use portobello!

  16. i'm a crazy fan of Pizza ! love this dish !

  17. Pizza looks wonderful.. great fan of pizza

  18. where r the portobello's?? hiding behind the parmesan?

  19. Poornima, mushroom pizza.. great ideas..looks awesome..new for me.

  20. Thats a cool one Poornima..:).yummy yummyy...I saw sometime back in Tv,something like this..chicken in mushroom n baked..was planning to try that..Now I cant waittttttttt..:D

  21. Hi Poornima,

    First of all... pizza on a portabello? Brilliant! I'll have to put that on my list.

    It looks like we're T&C partners this month! I'm excited to try something from your site! I do have a couple of questions for you, though. I couldn't find any contact info on your blog, so would you mind emailing me so we can chat a little that way?

    Talk to you soon,
    (Perrys' Plate)

  22. diet story is universal, cant help much :)I need a portion from that pizza immediately :p

  23. Looks lovely. Although I can't imagine living without bread.

  24. I have seen your vacation pics and you don't seem to look like one who needs to stay away from pizza :). This one is new to me...well every pizza here is new to me ...am busy checking out all the pizzas I can eat here...

    Good one

  25. Thanx for visiting my blog.I am not a big fan of Pizzas,urs look perfect and unique..nicely presented

  26. hmmm, looks tempting, and topped richly with the parmesan;, hum hum, no way for dieting!!!!

  27. Looks very delicious and satisfying Poornima!

  28. Congrats!!!! iam passing on an Award to you.Pl.accept it.See my blog for it.

  29. I like the sound of a portobello mushroom pizza! They look great!


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