Badam/ Almond Burfi

Almonds are a wonderful source of so many essential nutrients like calcium, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins B2 and E. Although they have a good amount of fat like most nuts, almost 90% are unsaturated fats. Almonds are also believed to lower blood cholesterol levels, help prevent osteoporosis and regulate blood pressure.
My mother always gave us a few almonds each morning, a routine I still follow. Almond paste is also a great face pack.

Almond of course has a lot of culinary uses. Toasted almonds are a great garnish for desserts, biryanis and gravies. The paste is used as a base for curries and to make several sweets. My favourite is Badam Burfi. 

1cup (150gms) almonds
1cup milk
3tbs ghee
3/4-1cup sugar
2 cardamom pods, crushed
few strands of saffron

Put the almonds in hot water and soak for 5hrs. Drain and peel off the skin.
Slightly grease a small dish.
Grind the almonds with the milk to a paste.( You can either make it a smooth paste or a little grainy, but not very coarse). I like to add about 2-3strands of saffron while grinding. This will give it a slight colour without making it yellow.
Heat the ghee in a thick bottomed pan. Add the almond paste and cook on medium-low heat till thick and sticky (about 6-8mins). 

Add the sugar and mix well. Cook, stirring constantly till the mixture becomes very thick, comes together and the ghee separates. At this stage the mixture will almost be dough like. If you take a little bit and roll between your fingers it must feel firm but not hard.
Remove from the heat and mix in the cardamom powder.
Spread onto the greased dish. When almost cool, cut into desired shape and cool completely. Garnish with saffron threads.


  1. Looks lovely and tempting, great pictures :-)

  2. Oh that looks perfect! A friend recently brought home some badam halwa she made and i'm still enjoying it.

  3. Awesome burfis with my favorite nut:)

  4. give me a piece of this instead of 4-5 almonds each morning please :-)

  5. Wow delicious burfi...eyecatching picture..

  6. I make a dry powder and then mix it up in sugar syrup. My Mom makes your way:) Looks very pretty with the strands showing up. Your profile picture looks very nice too:)

  7. Poornima, this is sooooooooo tempting!!!!
    perfect colour and texture, need to eat to write about the perfect taste, isn't it?

  8. Your Barfi looks really great! (Over here we call it Barfi rather than Burfi) but I would suppose you would be more correct!!

  9. Wowo those birfies looks so perfect and delicious.

  10. These look so yummy n easy to make. Myself poor in any sort of desserts, but still can try it..

  11. Hey Poornima,
    My hubby is a big fan of sweets and this one I am surely going to make soon.Just wanna know, how long it took for you to take of the skin of each almond. Sounds tedious:)

  12. this is a terrific looking i want to make it :)

  13. That's such a simple recipe but looks so great. Also only 3 tbsp of ghee! A winner it is!

  14. Hi...I made this today and it came out good! Thanks for the recipe.


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