Mango Cheesecake

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I know I'm a little late, hope you guys enjoyed your day. I had a wonderful time with my hubby and friends. We had a lunch party and one of the dishes I made was this cheesecake.
I had my first cheesecake at an office party some 3yrs back and loved it. I wanted to make it but was so disappointed when I could not find cream cheese at any of the stores( I was in India at the time ). It was much later that I got this recipe at chococraft. This is a wonderful cheesecake. The best part - No Cream Cheese and No Baking. It's a breeze and to be honest I like this much better. I hope u do too......

Ingredients: (Makes a 9"-10" cheesecake)
For the base
200gms plain biscuits; you can use marie, graham crackers or nilla wafers
50gms butter, melted

For the filling:
4 egg yolks
50gms sugar
20gms unflavoured gelatin
1/2cup water
200gms whipped cream (measured after whipping)
300gms plain thick yogurt
Mango puree, according to the taste of the mango (I used about 1 1/2cups), or canned puree
colour & essence - if desired

For the topping:
Mango Puree and/or fresh fruits

For the base:
Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin or process it in a processor to fine crumbs. Add the melted butter and mix well. Press it into the base of the spring form pan and chill for 15mins.

For the filling:
Mix egg yolks and sugar with a balloon whisk till well blended.
Sprinkle the gelatin on the water and then double boil till dissolved and transparent.
Add the hot gelatin slowly to the yolk mixture whisking continuously to prevent the eggs from scrambling. Beat till the sugar melts.
When at room temperature, fold in the yogurt followed by the whipped cream. Mix only until just combined.
Add the mango puree and mix. If desired or if you smell the egg(normally there is no egg smell) you can add few drops of essence. Add colour if desired.
Pour into the prepared pan over the base and leave to set for 1hr in the freezer and then transfer to the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
Top with some puree or fresh fruits.

Use any other puree and fruits to make different flavours.
For a chocolate cheesecake add cocoa powder to the base and use chocolate truffle in the filling.

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  1. that's the prettiest cheese cake I've ever seen,wish I could take a bite:)

  2. looks yummy! so sweetly presented, lovely color!

  3. hey poornima, that's superb!awesome click too!!

  4. Perfect looking cheese cake. YUM!. Love mango cheese cake a lot.

    Belated Valentine's Day wishes!!!

  5. Cute heart shaped cheese cake, looks gorgeous n the click is really eyecatching..Belated Happy valentine's day too..

  6. that looks soo gorgeous and perfect!! ive never been brave enuf to try making cheesecake..this one seems pretty simple..that i think i might just try out :)

  7. This is ma first time here in for a treat..wht a gorgeous r amazing..:)am drooling all over here..:)

  8. Gorgeous cake poornima! Sorry missed your entry, have updated the round-up now.

  9. First time here and you have an excellent place. Colourful and tasty recipies.. Keep it up! thanks for tagging me and following me. enjoy blogging :)

  10. Ur cheese cakes looks perfect.. A very nice click too...

  11. thnks aton for sendin this over for the evnt,..:-)

  12. What an awesome looking cheesecake that is! I love the tangy sweetness of cheesecake too and infact made my version just last week (already posted in my blog).

  13. Poornima,

    I've got something for you in my blog dear!

  14. Great recipe. It's really unique and will try it out and let you know the result. I have always wondered about what substitute I can use for cream cheese. This recipe is a winner.Cheers!

  15. Hey,
    Smitha once again. Forgot to give you a "same-pinch" for wanting to start a bakes shop. That's competition for me:)

  16. wow the Mango Cheese cake looks mouth is watering..:)...good one Poornima

  17. oye,

    how come you never made this yum looking thing for all the valentines' and the year's you were in mumbai...!!

    gonna make u make this for me next time around u back home..!

  18. Hi poornima...
    stepped in to ur blog thru Mishmash's....your cheesecake looks lovely and shud be tasting yummy too...Would love to try this one out.

  19. Hi poornima...
    stepped in to ur blog thru Mishmash's blog....your cheesecake looks lovely and shud be tasting yummy too...Would love to try this one out...My mouth is full of water ,even a ship can make a good sail..:)

  20. Poornima this cheese cake is a the pic.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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