Gajar ka Halwa ~ Carrot Pudding

Gajar ka Halwa is probably the most famous and most loved of all Indian Sweets. Rich and delicious this sweet dish is perfect for any occasion. Needless to say we Looove it. 

1 kilo sweet and dark coloured carrots, grated (I measured after peeling and trimming off the ends)
5tbs ghee
1litre milk (I used 2% fat)
450gms sugar
1/2tsp cardamom powder
cashews and raisins for garnish

Heat a little ghee and fry the raisins and cashews till golden. Keep aside.
In a heavy bottomed pan, heat the remaining ghee. Add the carrots and fry till the raw smell has gone and the carrots have changed colour, about 5mins.
Add the milk and cook stirring frequently till all the milk has been absorbed.
Stir in the sugar and continue to cook till thick. The mixture will come together and the ghee will start oozing out.
Remove from heat and stir in the cardamom powder, raisins and cashews.
Serve warm. 
Gajar ka Halwa tastes great with vanilla ice-cream.


  1. Gajar Ka Halwa woooooooooooooooow. Makes me drool. Love the color. I too posted Gajar Ka Halwa in my blog yesterday. Take time to check it. Love the caramel bread pudding.

  2. it is just toooo awesome!!! feel like having some right now!

  3. Wowow tempting carrot halwa, caramel bread pudding looks delicious n new to me..

  4. aah carrot halwa looks yummmmyyy and mouthwatering:)nice pudding too:)Do visit my blog at ur free time:)

  5. Poornima, that's perfect, just send me a kg of it!!! It's a sweet which is never sufficient even if I do tonnes. It's one of our all time favorites!!!

  6. Thank you all so much...feels grt to read your comments...

  7. Its looking so rich, reminds me when we were kids. She also made it quite often.


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