Another weekend is here and since we have no specific plans of going out anywhere I thought of making a snack that would last atleast a couple of days. Both of us just looove Murukku so here's hoping that it will last that long.

4cups rice flour
1cup roasted urad dal powder
3tsps cumin seeds
2tsp red chilli powder
1/3cup butter
salt to taste
oil for deep frying

For the urad dal powder roast the urad dal on medium-low heat till the colour just begins to change and you get a nice aroma. Cool and grind to a fine powder.
Melt the butter and mix all the ingredients together to make a firm dough.
Heat the oil and fill the murukku maker with the dough.
Squeeze out the dough in a circular motion forming the murukku pattern on pieces of paper and slide it into the oil carefully.
Since this process is a little tedious especially if you are making it on your own, 
you can sqeeze the dough directly into the hot oil taking care not to overlap much.
Fry on medium heat till golden and crisp. Remove from oil and drain on absorbent paper.
Once cooled, transfer into air tight containers.


  1. Crunchy murukku are always hit in our place:)

  2. Aaaah nice crispy, crunchy muruku, love it. I also like that mattar paneer curry, lovely color...very inviting...

  3. wow...never tried making murukku so far..looks nice n cruncy!

  4. This is our favorite snack too and usually gets over super fast. Yours look perfect.

  5. Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments...


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